Pedal Car Types and Advantages

The pedal car first appeared as a children’s toy rather quickly after cars themselves were first developed. Originally made exclusively from metal, you can now find pedal cars made from plastic as well as metal. The toy is an excellent source of fun exercise because you cause the car to move forward by using the foot pedals. Adults have long understood that making exercise fun keeps you motivated; the same is true for kids and active play.

Today, pedal cars are available in a wide selection of styles and varieties. For children who are fascinated with farms and farming equipment, you can find miniature tractors, combines and other farm vehicles. Kids love the accurate designs and colors, and love to pretend to be engaging in different farming activities with their tractor pedal car.

Pedal car versions of police cars and fire trucks are available as well, giving kids opportunities to role-play being a police officer or a fireman. Pedal cars can be extremely realistic, with stickers and paint schemes that correspond perfectly with the larger vehicles they were modeled upon. If your son or daughter has a particular interest, you will likely be able to find an exact car or other vehicle to mirror that interest.

Vintage cars and sports cars are another popular category of pedal car for kids. Like their life-sized counterparts, many of these pedal cars are more expensive than other types. These types of pedal cars also tend to be extremely accurate, down to the logos of the original vehicles. These cars offer the same benefits as other self-propelled toy cars do, however, and can be a great way for your child’s personality and interests to show and to develop.

Pedal cars are not only a great way to encourage kids to get more exercise, but they can help kids learn better coordination while giving them hours of active fun. Because pedal cars are used primarily outside, even kids who normally do not spend a lot of time playing may find it easier to get outdoors more often. Pedal cars are not only active and interactive, but they allow kids to stretch their imaginations while playing.

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