Pedal Toys for Sound Minds and Bodies

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and children are no exception. When we step back and observe how our children spend most of their time, it is painfully obvious why. With most spending an average of 4 hours watching television and another hour or two spent on video games, it is clear that play habits need to change! Parents whenever possible should be buying toys and sporting equipment that emphasize getting outdoors and being physically active and healthy. Some examples of toys that meet that goal include bicycles, jump ropes, roller skates, old fashioned scooters (without motors!) and Pedal Toys. For those who may not be familiar with pedal toys, they are a fun and fantastic way to encourage exercise.

Children enjoy emulating their parents. They try to enjoy the same things that their parents enjoy. There are a wide variety of pedal toys available to reflect personal preferences. For instance, if Dad happens to be a farmer, there is a John Deere tractor pedal car available. There are also pedal planes for aviation enthusiasts and pedal fire trucks for aspiring fire fighters in addition to cars.

There are even pedal cars available that look just like Mom and Dad’s car! There are pedal replicas of very popular makes and models of vehicles, complete with official decals! They are even made of the same quality materials so they are guaranteed to become heirlooms! For the hot rod enthusiasts, there are even “hot rod” pedal toys for a child to zoom around and pretend he is in the middle of a drag race for pink slips!

Not only does a pedal toy encourage children to be fit and active, but they facilitate healthy and vivid imaginations! Pretend play is necessary for a child’s brain development. However, a diet of television, movies and constant entertainment often cuts this development short. By allowing children to play outside and pretend in pedal toys and participate in other activities that help children be healthy, parents can rest assured they are doing right by their child. Although it does mean extra vigilance and supervision while they are outdoors, pedal toys are great fun and thoughtful gifts!

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1932 Fire Engine

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